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Weed & Insect Control

Most weed and insect problems can be prevented by properly mowing and fertilizing your lawn. If you need a herbicide or a pesticide, we recommend Killex for weeds and Diazanon for insects. These products are available at most garden centers. Always use proper care in handling.

Over fertilization can do more damage than good.


The best conditions to fertilize are on an overcast day either in the rain or just before a rain. If there isn't any rain in the forcast, we recommend that you water your lawn to wash any fertilizer residue from the grass blades.

Here are some tips on good fertilizing:

  • Measure your lawn exactly to determine the amount of fertilizer required.

  • The most important thing about fertilizing your lawn is to make sure that you apply the fertilizer evenly.  One way to achieve this is to divide the fertilizer needed into two parts and apply in two different directions.

  • Do not use more fertilizer than necessary to maintain attractive growth. Over fertilization, especially with nitrogen, results in excessive succulent growth that requires frequent mowing, and leaves the lawn with no resistance to stresses of heat, drought, and disease. Excess fertilization can seriously damage your lawn.

  • Avoid fertilizing during the hot summer months. Slow growing grass is more resistant to stresses of heat and drought. Use only enough fertilizer to maintain color, do not force growth.


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