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Measuring is very important when ordering sod!
For Measuring instructions please click here.

Prepare the ground with these goals in mind:

  • Good drainage

  • Smooth contours for even growth

  • Remove high spots or ruts for mower wheels, as this will cause mower scalping.

  • Remove rocks and sticks 1" plus.

  • Good topsoil: 50/50 sand soil mix with some organic material. Most garden centres will call this Turf Mix or Garden Blend.

You should slope the ground away from buildings and grade to 1" below driveway or sidewalk level.


Stagger the second row from the first (like brick laying). Just a few inches will do.

Note:  Grass bordering driveway or side walk can be mowed with the rest of the lawn and will not need special edging or use of a weed eater if this advice is followed. Do not leave dips or low spots. They will prevent
run-off during the rainy season.



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