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Shaded Lawn

Growing grass in shady sites can be a challenge because shade weakens grass. All plants require sunlight to make their food. Most grasses will grow under light shade, but in heavy shade, grass may become so weak that it begins to thin out.


Keeping Shaded Lawns Healthy:
Root systems of nearby trees compete for water and nutrients. Heavy shade reduces grass tolerance to temperature extremes and foot traffic. Since grass growing in heavy shade is at a disadvantage, here are some things you can do to keep it as healthy as possible. Mow at the proper height and frequency for the type of grass. Water the grass deeply. Prune or thin nearby trees to permit more sunlight to the grass. Consider mulch or shade-tolerant ground covers for densely shaded areas. If you have heavily shaded areas in your lawn where the grass is thin, consult your lawn care specialist for recommendations on improving the lawn.


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