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Laying the Sod:


  • Apply root fertilizer uniformly to the prepared ground just before laying the sod. We recommend a high phosphate root starter such as 10-20-10 (we supply free starter fertilizer with each sod order).

  • Next, moisten the soil so it isn't dusty dry. Your turf will root on damp soil more than twice as fast as it will on dry soil.

  • Lay the first row of sod on a straight line along a curb, driveway or taut string. Make sure that ends are butted close together - but not overlapping. 

  • Indent the second row from the first like brickwork.

  • Avoid stretching - If the sod is stretched out upon installation it will be more prone to shrinkage, and thus you will have gaps between the rolls.

  • When all the sod has been laid, roll it with a lawn roller to ensure good contact between the sod and the soil beneath. If the ground is very soft, use sheets of plywood or wide planks to spread your weight to prevent sinking in.

  • Roll the lawn when the ground is firmer.

  • Water thoroughly and do not allow the sod to dry out (please note that you may have to water during the course of the installation).


Note: Sod should be laid as soon as possible after delivery, especially in hot weather. The quicker the sod is transplanted the better your lawn will look. You should never leave turf rolled up for more than one or two days (weather permitting) after delivery.


Note: The Average time it takes to install 50 square yards (or 50 rolls) is approximately one hour. 

Important Mowing Tip

Due to the aggressive growth habit of a newly installed lawn, special attention must be made to regular mowings (rule of thumb is never remove more than 1/3 of the total grass height at time of mowing).

*Note 1: A 2" mowing height should not be allowed to grow taller than 3" at a time of mowing.

*Note 2: This rule of mowing also applies to newly installed lawns and will usually require a mow within the first week and sometimes subsequent mowings every 4 to 5 days during the first month after installation.


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